«Музыкальные истории» группы BrainStorm: два концерта пройдут в Кемерове и Новокузнецке

Buy&Stream: https://apple.co/2HXOkta Wonderful Day Moscow // 13.12.18 // Crocus City Hall https://bit.ly/2Gu6Bxp All events: http://bit.ly/2hwmaZD Performed by: BrainStorm Music: Ingars Vilums, Renars Kaupers, Kaspars Roga, M ris Mihelsons, J nis Jubalts, Povel Olsson, Karl David Larsson Lyrics: Ingars Vilums, Renars Kaupers, Kaspars Roga, M ris Mihelsons, J nis Jubalts Producer: Povel Olsson Photo: Anton Corbijn Video Director: Kaspars Roga Camera: Sergey Ruazanskyi, Alexandr Misurkin, Janis Andrejevs Camera Moscow (Prologue): Ponomarev Ivan, Malashenko Anton, Makarova Svetlana Published by: BrainStorm Records Company Events: http://bit.ly/2hwmaZD BrainStorm for many years remaining the key rock artist of the Baltic States, decided to expand the boundaries of their creativity beyond the limits of the action of gravity, shooting some parts of their new music video for the song "Wonderful Day" on the International Space Station (ISS). Roscosmos cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy, who was at that time in the second space expedition in his life, acted as the video operator and main actor. It all started with an occasional correspondence, while Sergey was in orbit, exchanging letters and test videos, and ended up with a meeting on the ground and shooting the clip in Tallinn and Moscow. The premiere of the video is on 12th of April, that is also known as the International Cosmonautics Day. "Wonderful Day" is the second international release from the upcoming album of the band BrainStorm , which is scheduled for release in April 2018. The new album of BrainStorm that will also include the song Wonderful Day will be released on April 25th. More information: http://pratavetra.lv/en/ Fallow BrainStorm: Official site: http://bit.ly/2wK8m47 Facebook: http://bit.ly/2vLQ6Yf Vk: http://bit.ly/2uLVzRB ОК: http://bit.ly/2grw0w6 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2uLPOmV Youtube: http://bit.ly/2x7shcN Fallow Sergey Ryazanskiy: Instagram: https://bit.ly/2v6ljJc
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